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Autumn Equinox & Toxins

So here we are past the Autumn Equinox and I have made it through the meetings Health and Toxins, with Sparrow Performance Clinic and Talks With Tia. Some of the highlights of the meetings are as follows; That toxic free living takes tenacity and determination. Label reading is paramount for the poison free home. Personal care products are the leading drivers of toxins into our bodies through our skin and multiple products adds up to higher amounts of toxin exposure. Household cleaners can read havoc on our respiratory systems.

Young Living Essential Oil Company offers a great replacement cleaner that works well on all surfaces including glass and is non toxic to humans and animals. Speaking of animals Young Living offers a complete line of pet products that are non toxic. The essential oil business is projected to be a twenty five billion dollar business by 2025. Thats 7 years from now, not long and will be here quickly, so getting in now would be wise. Here is a link should you be interested in looking further into what they have to offer.

Now on PRP and Stem Cell Therapy. PRP is Plasma Rich Platelets, and this is the place where you begin to make the health changes one is looking for. Sparrow Clinic is a leader in the protocol they offer and I highly recommend them for one getting a quality of life back that has been lacking. They only use your plasma and or stem cells, nothing foreign to your body and have great success with their procedures. You can find out the details on their website and make contact with Rebecca Rogers.

Mahanaim Supply spoke on the importance of haircare and skincare products and their offerings on the e commerce site. We are looking to get a new line on the site soon so keep looking for the announcements.

Now lets prepare for a great holiday season. My favorite which is Thanksgiving will be here soon, but in the mean time I pray you all have a toxic free Halloween. Choose organic gmo free candies for your children. The food coloring in our food systems are the leading cause of many a disease, but don't take my word for it do your own research.

Teresa Bowen, Founder

Mahanaim Supply

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