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Meet Maylin

Hi! My name is maylin. I’m a licensed cosmetologist/hairstylist at Stella & Co Salon. I have enjoyed paving my way in the beauty industry over the past 5 1/2 years. I do hair because I love helping people feel the best version of themselves and it’s fills me with joy to give joy to others!

At Stella & Co, our mission is to eliminate as much toxins as possible in our space and on our clients skin. Which can be an extremely difficult thing to do when working in an industry full of chemicals. We use oligo products because they measure up to our standard of having a great product without comprising great ingredients. My favorite oligo product is the dry shampoo because this mama is definitely skipping a few shampoos! It doesn't leave your hair feeling gross or gummy like a-lot of dry shampoos on the market. To me, it’s the perfect balance of a clean but not too heavy dry shampoo.

When I’m not behind the chair or on-site for hair, I can be easily be found spending time with my family, homeschooling my kindergartener with my year old on my hip, and drinking coffee. My family is my treasure. They are the driving force behind all I do.

I am so passionate about hair and creating an environment to be your 100% authentic self.

If you would like to make an appointment or schedule a consultation head over to my website,, and submit a booking inquiry. Don't forget to checkout the amazing product giveaway this month on @styledbymaylin and @mahaniamsupply instagram pages! You don't want to miss it! Hope to hear from you soon.

Much love,

Styled | By Maylin

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