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A December to Remember

Right now it seems as though the new moon is a big deal this month, as it’s the last new moon on the last month of the year. The new moon is in what’s commonly known as Sagittarius, but I prefer to call him the Eagle face, the arrow going forth. My preference comes from Hebrew culture of the Mazzaroth or constellations. The Hebrew letter seat for the Eagle face is Hey, Dalet, Yod. The Hebrew seat for the moon is Aleph, Tav, Aleph. The breathing door of light traverses dimensions creating momentous events because of its being sent forth By the Strong Leader or Chief to mark the strong leaders to lead the way. To show the direction or the path to take. So a lot of deception is falling off like scales from the eyes. The heart is finding synchronicity with Creator Yahweh’s heart. The pulling, pushing and unfocused vision is all revealed to those with the ability to receive this transmission of change and enter a rest provided from the Resh, beginning. There is a terraforming taking place in the earth realm, like the juxtapose of heaven on earth. Time is swallowed up to form the new eons and mark the new paths of synchronized walking in higher realms. So yeah it’s a bit disruptive, but so be it, Yahweh reveal, disrupt and shine Your ways and Your walk into our hearts so we live in agreement with the scroll. The scroll we agreed to carry out with You in this dimension before we were the sent ones to this planet. This new moon is pointing to the Eagle face the “overcomers” the Eber people, those who cross over. And this we will do being sent forth as arrows to realign to see through the eyes of the Eagle.

And not mention the Holiday Season is in full swing! That’s not anything anyone needs to tell you right. But I want us all to remember that each one of us matters. That it is really important to take care of ourselves. Not just the outward appearance but the real us, the inner man or the hidden (wo)man of the heart. As Women we tend to be the ones running from dawn to dusk, purchasing gifts, groceries and running kids to all of the events. Then we are expected to arrive at parties in full glitzy glory or even more host these glitzy glory holiday events! The most amazing thing is that we do it. We make the holidays the best we are capable of putting together. From decorating to gift purchasing to cooking up amazing holiday meals. Remember to breathe, deep inhales down into the diaphragm, that’s what gives you the energy needed for fueling our minds and bodies.

So new moons and Holiday cheer pointing us in the direction of a new year. Shooting us forth as arrows to future, to new beginnings, new adventures in uncharted territory. Hold your loved ones close as I believe everything we have known as normal is being shaken and what comes forth in this new eon of time will be unlike anything we’ve seen yet. Digital currencies are making a big thrust into mainstream. New technologies are on the horizon bringing with it new educational and job opportunities. Prepare your hearts to grow this new year into all Yahweh has written on your Scrolls for this time. ❤️

Shalom and much love,

Teresa Bowen

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