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Amish Food Co-Op & Thankful

So Begins the eating festivities, November brings my favorite Holiday in that it points us towards giving thanks.

I’ve started an organic food Co-op in Mobile, Alabama. It’s from Millers Organic Farm all the way from Pennsylvania. Yes a lot of food miles but they pack fresh organic, grass fed and pastured Foods. I used to drive 5 hours for pastured chicken and eggs. We’ve recently got a Whole foods in town but I like to know my farmers. I like to support family farms and Millers is an Amish family owned operation. They are passionate about good soil, raising animals humanely and providing real food. They have a heart for the earth and true farming for future generations. They are about legacy. I can’t wait to get my smoked free range turkey!

I know the horrific history of how the settlers so mistreated the American Indian. I know the history taught in the public school systems of finding new lands. I have English, Scottish and American Indian blood lines. So with that in mind I could have a war within myself, within my own DNA. This is true for most of humanity, there aren’t many “pure” as in a specific race or nationality blood line. My point here is that I choose to think on things above and not on things below. To be a part of the one Holy Nation a royal priesthood. Looking to future generations dwelling on this planet in harmony with respect for one another. Which would be my advice to humanity as a whole. As we shift to higher frequencies and dimensions the borders and boundaries will fade away. The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof and He has given it to His sons. That’s male and female. We are the keepers of this planet and thus far we have not done well in maintaining the wholeness of humanity, the animal kingdom nor the plants and waters. My prayer is that this would be our focal point and not on schisms that divide us as humans.

Now back to Thanksgiving or if preferred Giving Thanks. Daily give thanks for blessing and mercy to manifest to and through you. Thanks giving opens doors, it demonstrates honor. To be thankful for the little things. We as adults will have thankful children as we demonstrate this character in our lives both in public and behind closed doors. Being thankful will cause you to rise up and go beyond those that are unappreciative. Being thankful will help you to find the skill set that is missing in your life. Being thankful will help you to persevere when life isn’t looking so glamorous, when it gets tough.

So now with all of that being said let us remember how important it is to eat nutritious, clean foods. Desserts with alternative sugars and flours at least non brominated flour.

An article from Livescience;

“In 2007, Chinese authorities pulled a batch of imported snack chips from store shelves because they believed the chips contained potassium bromate, a food additive banned in China. The chips' country of origin? The United States. Potassium bromate is also illegal in the European Union, Canada, Brazil and elsewhere because it causes cancer in rats and mice. In the United States, however, it has remained legal since it was first patented for use in baking bread, in 1914.”

Look for aluminum free baking powder, not only is it better for your health it makes your pastries and cakes taste so much better.

We can always make better choices using cane sugars instead of processed white sugars. I for one have been using Young Livings Einkorn Berries and grinding them to make my own flour. The taste is amazing and fresh.

Blessings to you all! I am thankful you are taking the time out of your busy life to read my blog and visit my website.

To your family from mine much love.

Teresa Bowen

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