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Life, Choices and Death

February is almost over Cupid has disappeared until next year and we are all ready for winter to be over too. I think the rodent weather forecaster was wrong. hahaha

It’s been a tough month for me as I had to bury my dad a week ago. The bright side of it all is that he isn’t suffering anymore, in and out of the hospital. As he suffered with CPOD from agent orange in Vietnam and his diet was terrible so therefore he dealt with diabetes as well. You couldn’t tell him about foods or healthy alternatives he refused to listen. He could not wrap his head around why corporations would corrupt our food systems. He is like so many Americans who believe the government is looking out for our good, as it should be, and perhaps once was and perhaps they will wake up and be that for the people again. But now he is with our Lord Yahshua, as part of the cloud of witnesses in glorious liberty. I’m sure he is seeing first hand the truth and learning so much in heavens schools, dad have fun.

I hope you all found alternative sweet treats for Valentines that helped facilitate your wellness. It takes some research but it’s well worth it not to eat the refined sugars and food coloring that are so common and so cheap. And if food coloring wasn’t enough to be concerned about now there is a food flavor enhancer named Senomyx. It’s a flavor enhancer made from human aborted kidney cells. Read it for your self and you decide if you want to partake.

Really!? Why would human or animal cells be put in any flavor enhancer for food products? Why can’t we just use real food!? Plants have fantastic flavor enhancing properties. Have you tried adding flavors with essential oils? They are fantastic.

Young Living has a vitality line of essential oils for dietary use. Whether for flavoring your favorite recipes or for medicinal use. You can order yours at

Discover bright and diverse flavors with the Young Living Vitality Culinary Kit! This collection is your passport to a world of flavor—with six of our most popular Vitality oils. Start infusing your recipes with the taste of citrus, floral, mint, and herbal hardiness. The kit also features a collection of Young Living-branded kitchen utensils and tools, so your kitchen transformation can truly be complete!

The Vitality Culinary Cookbook features recipes for every occasion, including Thai-style lettuce wraps, cheesy sweet potato bites, blueberry-lavender ice cream, and a host of delicious dishes and tantalizing treats. Once you see how much better the world tastes with essential oils, you’ll want to give Vitality a permanent spot in your spice cabinet!

If you have any questions email me, I’m happy to help.

"So you don't let your kids have candy?"

Not exactly.

☑️ We *do* limit the sugar 📷 that the kids eat.

☑️ We *do* allow special treats of chocolate 📷 or chocolate chip cookies 📷.

✅ We *do* make slight changes by providing approved treats for in-school and private birthday parties.

✅ We *do* take advantage of the "Switch” to change out candy with activities/toys for incentives and rewards when most get candy.

✅ They understand that they have an "allergy" to artificial colors, and they don't fight us when the answer was no at first.

✅ We teach our children to recognize how they feel (emotionally and physically) when they eat these artificial treats. They don't like feeling that way, so they choose not to eat them.

Friends, it's all about choices.

It's just not worth it.

✔️ Vitamins, candy, vanilla ice cream, soda, snack food... artificial colors can be found in all of those!

✔️Read the label. Check the ingredients. Feel the difference!

✔️Let me know if you want help making the changes. I promise you can do it! I would love to be there to cheer you on!

And I still have a sweet tooth. I'm still human. 📷 But I just feel empowered enough to know how I can get my sweets without the artificial colors. Thankfully, enough companies are waking up and starting to create colorful food/sweet treats with natural ingredients!

Yours Truly,

Teresa Bowen

Mahanaim Supply

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